Donic Defplay Senso

Brand: Donic
Class: DEF+
Speed: 63
Control: 94
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.5
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $125.95
Material: All Wood



Truly awesome blade for the modern and versatile defensive player! The worlds most successful veneer combination (5-ply allround ) is manufactured with two dampening but elastic outer plies. (Gabon and Anegre), the vibration and the speed of the blade is reduced by increasing the size of the blade by 3 mm, the SENSO technology brings maximum dampening effect. The result: an unbelievable control for all defensive shots. A fantastic acceleration for all offensive shots. Pure playing excitement.
Great paddle

This paddle is amazing , the feel is like nothing I have used in the past , it has changed the way I play my BH and my FH attack is very effective , for the price you can't go wrong .... I didn't care of the hollow handle and if I had read the description a lil closer I may have not opted to buy this paddle ... It has exception feel... I plugged the end of mine, being a long time wood worker , my experience has shown that the open end is prone to splitting if the handle is struck or dropped for any reason ... so I put a small 3/4 plug in the open cavity's I still get the hollow feel but with solid ends ... Personal preference ....... Great paddle excellent price; I use Juic Nano spin 2 and Dr N Diamant for rubber Good combo for my game Thanks Paddle place for great service and quick shipping Aloha

M.S. Hawaii

Faster Defense.

Nice blade for the price. Works great with pips on BH and slow spin rubber on FH. A bit oversized which is a good thing for a blade in this class. Great for a defensive allround game. Good power when you load up those loops and smashes. Works good for the control minded player.


Great Modern Defense Blade.

This blade is a perfect blade for those who don't like the Joo Se Hyuk Blade. If you think the Joo Se Hyuk blade is too stiff and too hard, then this blade is a perfect substitute for the modern defender. This blade gets great chops and has the speed to end points with a fast loop.


Awesome blade for Hardbat

I use this with Yasaka A-1/Cobalt or Butterfly Orthodox. Its a great bat for an attacking hard bat game. awesome control with plenty of power for drives. I own several and the durability is very good. I have tried several other brands of defensive all wood blades and I find this to be the best.

- James M. Coombe, OH

great defence

good for defensive strokes. suitable for long pips. lots of feel for blocks. slowish, but hits hard for offence. best feature is high control. overall very good.

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