Donic Desto F1 Plus

Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 92
Control: 70
Hardness: Medium



The Donic Desto F1 Plus rubber is a First class update (FD3 Generation) of Donic's best seller and much loved first generation Desto F1 rubber, highly regarded in Asia, with inbuilt speed glue effect. The slightly harder and speed optimised sponge ensures more dynamic play, while retaining its fine playing qualities of a slightly flatter ball arc, plus an increased playing life (Lifetime PLUS).

Lifetime PLUS: The number of possible playing hours will be advanced by about 50%.
Catapult PLUS: The catapult effect of the new large-pored sponge provides more precision when returning, even in difficult positions.
Tension PLUS: Improved inner tension implies the feeling of even more "speed glue" energy.

Wow do I like this rubber. It's fast and spinny and I can really lift deep and heavy chops with ease. This rubber is extremely durable and I mean really durable. You could hit the edge of the table with this and it won't chip, I'm serious.

- Noah Clayborne, NM