Donic Desto F3

Item# RDDF3
Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 86
Control: 73
Hardness: Soft



Built-in speed glue effect, with the same speed and even more control. Donic Desto F3 is somewhat faster than a traditional spin elastic rubber. Soft and dynamic, excellent control, and great sound of speed glue. Speed glue must not be used as damage could be done to the delicate sponge when removing the rubber.

Awesome for variations of speed & spin with easy control and placement of ball. When ball is smacked you will hear the awesome sound of the Donic Desto product and kinda get excited and want to smack the ball more. Great rubber with the right blade: My choice Persson Power AR.

- Tom, OH

Desto F3 provides nice sound

Used this on FH of Donic Epox Offensive blade and liked it. I noticed it gave a nice sound. (An opponent noticed too and wanted to take a look at it. Used Nittaku Moristo RS Soft previously. The Desto F3 is a little softer rubber. It provides about the same spin as the Moristo RS Soft and as much or more control. (The Desto F2 on BH also produced a nice popping sound, if you would like something firmer.)

- Robert, MD

Great for my back hand

I use this on my KCZ Backhand and love it. it has great touch for blocking and backhand attacking. very acurate and does the job well. I get great backhand loops with it as well as great backhand chop out of this rubber.

- Seth Oakes, ME

offence? defence?

This rubber does it all. The ball stays on the racket all day. Makes soft fluffy spin. Controls everything all the time. Easy to loop, picks up chop easy. Topspin is like playing with slingshot fast and on Target.

- Jay, MD

Power AND Control

Got these rubbers along with a Donic Epox PowerAllround blade. Was using a Donic Waldner 1000 pre-built paddle previously. The difference in power and control was noticed immediately upon playing with this combination. I find that difficult shots made from critical angles are made with less effort than my previous paddle. I also found the Desto F3 to be a pretty spinny rubber great for applying back-spin.

- Wayne, VA

It does it all with control and speed!!

Bought this off my friend who thought it was too fast. The first day I put it on my blade and blocked a couple of fast loops and thought.....damn it returned fast!!! I hit the ball much harder then before with less effort but with more control! I gotta say I used to like going slower with my rubbers but I am getting more control with this but with very good speed. I feel more control when looping, drive, smash and serves. I must sounds like a Donic salesman but I really am impressed with this rubber. Good job Donic!! Rubbers used: Hurricane 2/3,Mark V, 729-08, DHS Skyline, Sriver FX, Dr Neubauer Inferno, Innova Ultra Light Synergy Tech, 999 Elite Defense and DHS PF4.

Loop and Control

I have a juic Seiha carbon blade. I have used chinese soft rubbers and Donic Gallardo PowerSound in the past. The Desto F3 rubbers really work well for me. The chops with this rubber is absolutely great. This tended to be my weakness in the past, but these rubbers has helped me to improve a lot. I bought the max sponge thickness. The spin is great and my loops are landing with a higher percentage and with a lot more spin. The speed of the rubber on my smashes are not as fast as I would like, but the control of them are unmatchable. I feel like these rubbers are a more like an 8.4 on speed and a 7.9 on control. This is a really great rubber for someone who wants to take their spin and loops to a new level. I would recommend them to anyone.