Donic Epox Offensive

Brand: Donic
Class: OFF
Speed: 90
Control: 69
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



The controlled offensive version of the Donic Epox series with high speed and excellent control, suitable for all offensive strategies and, due to its light weight ideal to play with. Combined with soft to medium hard Donic Formula rubber, the Epox Offensive blade produces outstanding spin, its innovative and elaborate design gives the Donic Epox Offensive blade unique characteristics.

Donic Epox System: Each blade a high quality original Donic Epox series veneers are not glued with a liquid glue, but with a gluing coat of Epoxyd resin. The five veneers with epoxy coating are pressed together adding heat for 20 minutes. During this process the Epoxy coating liquefies and glues the veneers together. The middle veneer and two intermediate layers consist of monoblade veneers. Only veneers of one piece are used with this monoblade technique. Other traditional techniques often use several pieces which are put together. This means each pressed veneer is only used for one blade resulting in a unique blade of high-quality. The unique method of gluing the plies of the EPOX-blades with Harz-Epoxyd ensures their rigidity. Depending on the particular ply formation, extra power and speed are achieved. The blade has superior control without unpleasant vibration. The edges close to the handle are carefully rounded off. This is the main reason why each blade of the DONIC EPOX series is very easy to handle. Many players hold the handle differently for forehand and backhand shots. Due to the smooth, rounded handle, this presents no problems.

The Donic Fineline Covered System: An overall sure thing The Donic Epox blades have an edge protection made of Fineline wood and are manufactured with the Donic Fineline technology. This innovative design has a 360 edge protection, which guarantees that Donic Epox blades look perfect for a long time. Due to their thin outer veneers, these blades are also very light in weight. The combination of these refined technologies has created a high-quality product: A new blade series constructed by an up-to-date techniques and carefully manufactured with a love for the detail. Donic Epox blade series - READY for TAKE OFF in a new DIMENSION.
Solid Blade

The feel and finishing on this blade is above average. No sharp edges around the handle, very comfortable FL grip. Fast blade with classic rubbers like Sriver, Mark V. Very fast with tensor rubbers. Big sweet spot due to blade thickness with slight flex. Always specify the weight you want because this model has wide variation in weight. Mine is 92gr, which makes it slightly heavy but manageable. Speed is a solid OFF class. A beautiful blade that is best for blocker/counter players or looping from all distances.


Outstanding Power With Control

I have used the all-round version of this blade, but I find the offensive version much better. I have used it with players who are 2300 plus players to 1200 plus players and this blade has outstanding control with blocks, some touch on short chops, and outstanding speed and spin on loops. However, it tends to pop up the ball more on dead ball shots than it would with a slower blade. So chopping can be a little tricky if you misread on how much spin is on the ball. This blade is not good for beginners, but I would highly recommend it to advance players who love a balanced game with offense!


Dark Power

If Darth Vader had a blade this one is it. Solid OFF class blade with slight flex. Great craftsmanship. FL handle feels great and is not to small. Ball feel is somewhat muted but overall it is a fast solid blade suitable for intermediate and advance players with powerful consistent shots. Very powerful with Tenergys or Stiga Boost TC. Balance is good with a slight head heavy feel. 2.0 thickness rubbers or less will balance this blade even more. This blade is not OFF minus due to extra thickness and top end speed.



The quality of this blade is outstanding. Ball feel is not so good due to the thickness and wood selection. My blade is somewhat heavy at 91gr. so with thick attack rubber it feels like a log. Flared handle is one of the best. This blade will suit a power attacker who plays away from the table who mainly hits then loops. Loopers will love the Donic ALL+ model more than this one.


I like it, I like it a lot.

This blade was a dream come true. I switched from a stiga all round, and my loops just became unblockable. Even the top rated players2000+could not return my loops. I am only 1600 though. I used it with calibra both sides, amazing.

Good Blade

It all depends on what one is used to and their style of play. This blade is a little tougher to chop with but excellent at blocking. Its not the best for looping. The control number is the highest I have found without compromising too much speed, considering the price. You can get faster and similar control for way more money. For two months after I bought this I had thought I had made a mistake. After I got used to the speed and chop, I could do superb blocks. Overall an excellent value.

- Kris, TX


A friend had one, and was very controllable, fast, and light enough. I was sold on it, and ordered one. Mine is heavy and vibrates like crazy nearly every hit. Control is only good, not great. A total disappointment - dont waste your money.

Epox Offensive review

This racquet has outstanding control. I have never played with a blade with this much control. It isnt too fast but if you supply good power yourself than your fine. It is pretty light but at the same time very sturdy. The weight is mostly in the handle. Overall a well made blade by Donic