Donic Formula First Glue

Brand: Donic
Type: Glue

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Donic Formula First Glue is ideal for applying all kinds of rubber sheets to a blade, especially the Donic Formula rubbers with their high tension and speed glue effect.

This water-based glue contains no VOCs and complies with the new ITTF regulations regarding glue.

25g bottle with sponge applicator.
Its the best water base glue for me

I have tried several water base glue...if you put too much glue on your blade it will make it hard to remove the rubber...just slowly remove the rubber from the blade it should not damage your blade...Donic Formula First glue is the only water base glue I will use now...its ease to remove the glue residue...by rubbing the glue off with your thumbs...

- Tommie Stewart, TX

water based glues

i also have had the same issue with a glue produced and marketed by another brand.the bond strength is excessive ,in my opinion.the speed glues never ruined my blades/rubbers,but h2o-based did..you either have to laquer your blade if you want to preserve it or use other adhesivestear mender,for example..i have ruined a nittaku violin with this water-based crap.warning to all-use with caution!...


Note from Paddle Palace regarding Water-Based Glues

All water-based glues adhere more strongly to the blade than the earlier generation of rubber cement glues. When you remove any rubber from any blade using any water-based glue, you must take it off very carefully. Take the rubber off at an angle, against the wood grain. If there is any resistance at all, use drops of acetone between the sponge and the blade to dissolve the glue and protect both your blade and rubber from damage. When you glue with water-based glue, it takes longer to dry and at first does not adhere the rubber as well to the blade than non-water-based glues. After a few hours, the bond becomes quite strong. It is a good idea to glue the rubber several hours before you play, and be sure to use great care any time you remove the rubber!

Is this a good glue?

Since I use this glue , I have lost piece of brand new rubbers and made my blade damaged. I just removed the rubber from the blade, it damage my blade.