Donic Persson OFF+ World Champion 89

Brand: Donic
Class: OFF+
Speed: 97
Control: 62
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w, 2c/z
Blade Thickness: 6.9
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: Wood + Composite


The Donic Persson OFF+ World Champion 89 blade is the fastest of the new World Champion 89 blades. It is recommended for players requiring a harder blade with high speed.
Power Spin Blade

I had been looking for a second paddle in case something happened to my other one. I tried some other blades one of which was promising but it lacked power which in turn affected my shoulder because I would be swinging at it twice as hard. Sometimes using too big of a swing in order to generate the power that I desired. So I had been looking for a paddle which including the following, lighter, and fast with more power yet have control. I think I have found one. Persson happened to be one of my favorite players as I got into competitive table tennis many years ago. I remember him winning the World Championship in 91, I still have it on VHS. I looked at the specs of this blade, and it appeared to be what I was looking for. But one is never certain till you can actually try it out. I took a chance and I also ordered M2 for the forehand and Genesis for the backhand. When I first used it, it was fast. Perhaps the fastest blade I have used in the 40+ era. I had to adjust for the blocking but once I did, it worked well! Looping was easier on both wings. I liked the way it chopped from different angles and the placement was phenomenal compared to other blades that I have used. Since the blade was lighter, I felt a little quicker reacting to the ball. However, it did not eliminate footwork, you always need good footwork to improve in table tennis. The large sweet spot was great. There is one negative, I personally prefer thicker handles but on this blade, it was too thin. But overall after looking for a second paddle, the Persson OFF+ may, in fact, replace the one I'm using now! :)