Donic Piranja Formula Tec

Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Long Pips
Speed: 52
Spin: 81
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Donic Piranja Formula Tec is the tech defense long pips rubber for classical defenders.

Classic defenders are more rare and it‘s difficult for them to find the right equipment. All this changed when Donic introduced their Formula DONIC technology into a long pimpled rubber.

Donic Piranja Formula Tec is soft, very elastic, with excellent gripping qualities. The Donic Piranja Formula Tec enables the player to impart far more backspin against topspin than has been possible with other current rubber technology. The pimples are faster but easier to control because of their inbuilt “speed glue” effect, ensuring more accurate blocking, counter attacking and variations of spin.

Donic Piranja Formula Tec is the best weapon for the technically gifted classic defender, particularly effective in combination with Donic‘s modern sponge rubbers.
The best long pip rubber period

After having used most of the long pip rubbers on the market, I personally found that this rubber in OX provided me the most control over my opponents. It being one of the faster long pips available, opponents usually have more difficulties with ball movements- compared to other long pip rubbers in my game. Highly recommended

best hitting long pip

These pips are amazing, the best hitting long pips since 755 Faster. They hit very similar to a medium pip, so they have control. But they also chop like a long pip, with great control there too. Not sure how they act in Ox, I play with sponge. Best hitting and blocking long pip on the market by far.

- Jim 1850-ish, MI

Good rubber not just for defending

good rubber for attacking and defending. When blocking with pips straight forward, creates an anti-rubber effect. Easy to attack with for me.


Great Long Pip

I got this L P 9/2/09 and played that day. I noticed how easy it chopped. It held the ball down without any effort. Hitting will take some more time but it is in there. Pushing is easy and with great control. If you are looking for a good chopping L P that can hit well than this is a good one. I have used all the Butterfly L P and nothing matches this one. I believe I have found my back hand solution.