Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89

Brand: Donic
Class: OFF
Speed: 93
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w, 2c/z
Blade Thickness: 6.9
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



The Donic Waldner World Champion 89 is a fast blade with great feel and ease of control. Designed for players who require a balance between speed and control.
Top of the Line

When compared to expensive Butterfly blades with the same origin this one is cream of the crop. Blade is not to heavy or not to light. Handle fits very comfortable in hand. Blade will give you the speed (acceleration) as needed. Provides very nice control if proper technique is used in delivering or receiving to ball. On a scale of 1 to 10 (in my opinion) I give it a 10. Blade works very well with Tenergy 05 FX sponge and rubber. I just ordered a back-up. Super nice product.