Dr. Neubauer Diamant

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Medium Pips
Speed: 80
Spin: 67
Control: 75
Hardness: Medium



Dr. Neubauer Diamant is a Half-Long Pips Rubber. A multi-purpose weapon with great control and dusruptive effect. Great for serve return, blocking, attacking and defending, thanks to soft pips and half-long length.

Particularly effective against blocking and straight hitting since the ball is hit very flat and tends to stay low after the bounce. Also great for attck against chopped balls: any backspin can be lifted very easily and smashed violently for direct winner points.
Smack attack with slight deception

Bought a sheet of Red 1.8mm to use on my fh. Contrary to other medium pips rubbers this is not much deception, but its great for attacking and blocking. You can even loop a little with this rubber, but it really shines in hitting and blocking.

- SuperDave, IN


I am a backhand player using the Donic Persson Dotec Offensive blade with Tibhar Genius Max rubber on the forehand and the just placed Dr. Neubauer Diamont 2.1 half long pips rubber on my backhand. The Diamant has the best control I ever experienced with any rubber. It gives my backhand topspin return a flatter trajectory and auto-pilots it to land on the table regardless of where it is returned from. The rubber makes it effortless to pick up any ball off the table, no matter what spin is on it, for an amazingly quick backhand return. It is excellent for serving, blocking, looping, from close or from far, for defence or offence, diversification and deceiving as well. Tweadling your paddle with this rubber really gives an extra dimention to your game. It is a wonderful companion to your fast forehand smooth rubber leader. I give 5 stars to this Dr Neubauer prescription. Ron

- Ron, FL

This rubber won't be banned

Never mind. Not affacted by the ITTF ban on frictionless long pips.