Dr Neubauer Edge Tape (1 Paddle)

Item# MUTA
Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Type: Edge Tape


Dr Neubauer Edge Tape, available in 6mm, 9mm or 12mm thicknesses.

This edge tape is different in that it is a thick foam, providing extra protection for your blade. The length fits one paddle, including oversized.

Blue with white Dr. Neubauer lettering.
Good stuff

Only weighs 2 grams extra on my racket, and does a great job protecting the Titan blade, made of soft balsa.

Conrad Young

Nice-except for the color

It is really thick and adheres well but the color really could have been thought out better. It looks terrible on red and only slightly better on black so unless you play pen-grip...

Jack H

Didn't stick

It didn't seem to have much tackiness and came off my blade the first time I played with it.

- Steve F, OH

It worked

I havent had too much of an issue with the tape sticking. I basically left the old edge tape on so the Dr. Neubauer tape would have something to really adhere to and it hasnt come off yet. Also I let someone use my bat once and they drilled the edge of the table and the tape took the most of the impact. I had no damage to the blade or the rubber.

- Sean, MD


I love this its amazing and when I accidentally dropped my paddle it put a cut in the tape and the rackets fine.

Best Protection Available

This is by far the best edge tape on the market. Its so thick that you can actually bunt the ball off the side of the blade. It sticks down well, but if you are a frequent player like me who plays 10+ hours a week, it will start to peel up. Nothing a little rubber cement or rubber glue wont fix. I get the 12mm thickness and cut it into 2 6mm strips that way I get more for my money. I have hit the table by accident countless times and never had any damage to my blades when using this product. If you are spending a $80+ for a new racket, this is well worth the extra couple bucks to protect your investment.

- Tony Goss, MO


the best edge tape ever!!!

the best

this is the best side tape ever!!!


Other reviewers complain that the tape does not stick well to the bat. This has some truth to it, however protection wise there is nothing better available which forced me to find out how to get it to adhere better to the blade. If the rubber is not cut exactly flush to the blade, the edge tape will not be able to keep its grip to the edge. 1st... I ensure that the rubber is flush to the blade edge. 2nd... I clean the edge of the blade with a VERY light coat of rubbing alcohol. After this, I have ZERO problems with the tape sticking to the blade! Great tape, Great protection!

- James Connolly, CO

it does not stick

put the tape on a Titan blade, took it to the club and within a couple of minutes, the tape started to come off. Would probably be a good product if it sticks well.

- tony C, AZ

Adhesive too weak for the foam thickness

The tape came right off just after one day.

Nam Nguyen

Great Idea with Options

As the previous reviewer said, the foam tape really does do more for protection than regular edge tape. It also, I want to add, is the best of the four I have found available in 6mm width, the others being Nittaku Tone Guard, an Andro, and a Donic. As I am now playing hardbat with a 5.7mm blade this is a bonus, although I was using the 9mm tape with inverted before.

- Robert H, AB

protective foam pad for your edges, cheap investment

I like this edge guard because it is thick foam. Many times when Im digging a ball close to the table my rubber gets peeled off from skimming the table. The foam is sort of a buffer zone that helps prevent this. Not to mention if you drop your paddle it will protect your edges with padding.