Dr. Neubauer Special Defense

Brand: Dr. Neubauer
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 68
Spin: 92
Control: 94
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Dr. Neubauer Special Defence is a smooth rubber development for the defensive game.

SPECIAL DEFENCE has a high friction surface without being sticky.

Its innovative top sheet allows chop shots to be played with an excellent backspin effect and very good control. Even very fast and high rotation looped topspin shots can be returned easily with a flat flight path. The exceptional control also enables a very effective spin variation between heavy chop and float balls.

This rubber is particularly effective in combination with short, half-long or long pimples, as well as anti-spin rubbers.

SPECIAL DEFENCE also enables surprise attacking shots, either looping or hitting, in order to change the rhythm of the game.
disruptive! perfect all-round back-hand rubber

perfect all-round back-hand rubber. plays smash, loop, topspin, blocks and chops like a dream! disruptive effect, bounce and wobbles will throw your opponent away.

- mac, INT

A very good All Round rubber

Over the years my game has changed from an agressive, attacking one in earlier years to currently a more defensive player. I feel that Dr. Neubauer Special Defense 1.5mm has slowly elevated my ability to an All Round game. You can defend or attack with this rubber. I swithed from Goliath to Special Defense approximately 6 months ago. It is great for chopping balls far from the table as well as blocking opponents topspins close to the table. It also surprises opponents by returning aggresive topspin drives and hits far from the table. Also you can attack with your own topspin and/or loop with this rubber. It is also great for imparting all types of spin serves. But if your opponent has spinny serves themselves, you can not just stick your racquet out to return; you will have to impart your own spin to their serve. Overall I feel that it is a very good All Round rubber.

- Wayne, NL

The best forehand rubber for a modern chopper

I tried this rubber because of the review I read. You are so right! 1.5 is the best for the do it all game. I can chop with it on my forehand so confidently. My loops are not just fast, but so spinny. Pushes are even stronger. Ive tried every defensive rubber in the book and this is the best. Note: It is very hard so for me if forces me to always apply a spin stroke instead of the inconsistant forehand flat smash. Give this a try if you want total control of your game!!


one of the best fh for defence

if you want a rubber that can chop with heavy spin AND with good control, while being able to loop and attack loose balls... 1.5 is what you want

"Dr Neubauer" name is the guarantee of this rubber

I really like it although I am not a classical defence player.Although its speed is not much when you cut the ball,it floats a lot of spin on it.Besides this its control is good.You can hit the ball and the ball falls down suddenly.I can block with it easily.In short it is a good rubber for all round and classical defence game

too slow

This rubber seems to produce a good spin (depens on the type paddle), but it is not as good for bloking.