Hunter Black Widow

Brand: Hunter
Class: OFF+
Speed: 96
Control: 59
Blade Weight: 90
Plies: 5w, 2g
Blade Thickness: 6.5
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $150.95



The Black Widow blade from HUNTER is fast and lethal! The lethal quality comes from the amazing versatility and touch considering the blade's speed. Quality 7-ply blade for the offensive-minded player, with two layers of glass fibre combined with Oregon Pine and Kiri wood plies.

Great for the loop, counter-drive, kill-shot, drop-shot, and outstanding feel for the quick exchange. Attractive black color and comfortable grip.

The Black Widow devours anything that crosses its net!
Compare to Andro CS7

Equipment: Butterfly Nippon on porcelain tile, Newgy robot shooting Nittaku celluloid 38s (did not upgrade to 40s since robot is all about technique and conditioning, and sizable investment, esp in balls) I like a strong heavy bat, and loved the old Hunter Sabre. Just received (1) the Black Widow w/ Stiga Magna TSII and Juic 999 Elite; and (2) Andro CS7 w/ Stiga Boost TC and Juic Nano Spin II. All Max. The BW handle is slightly larger, but both feel perfect (both flared). Weight feels centered more toward the handle on the Andro; more toward the head on the BW. The Juic pad is much firmer than the Stiga on both. The ball goes right through the TS II to the wood, like the rubber is not even there. First impression is that the blades are equally strong. I really like them both. Between the two, I would expect the play to be affected more by the rubber than the wood.

- Charles Gardner, NV

Torn with my feelings

So I'm an avid player 1100-1200+ rating (guesstimate) based on consistency. I have around 30 or so hours playing with this blade with Donic Baracuda rubbers. I have found playing mid depth off the table it plays very well with lots of powers. But as fast as expected. Recently I have been noticing odd sounds when playing power shots coming from the blade. Touch shot and close to net finesse plays are a little difficult based off not much feel at lower powered shot. Not sure if it's a defective product or the veneers are coming apart internally but I have decided to make some adjustments for my game

B O'Shea


Very powerful, and it has a great feel to it. Match this up with your favorite rubber and have fun kickin some??????????????

- VoodooDancer, PA

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