Hunter Flame

Brand: Hunter
Class: ALL+
Speed: 79
Control: 76
Blade Weight: 59
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.7
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $124.95
Material: All Wood



The Hunter Flame is an extremely light blade with balsa core and Ayous and Koto outer layers. Fantastic lightness and versatility for the allround game.

I had this blade assembled by paddlepallace.com and all I can say is perfection. Very light blade but not sure the weight is 59 grams but with pre-assembly hard to tell. Very large sweet spot. Even catching the ball on the outer portion is received well on this super light blade. I would recommend this bat to those who prefer short attack with thinner rubbers especially pips out rubber. A dream feel and feedback is good enough to know when you are centering it up.Very controlled blade and decent dwell time although it probably shines best for up close defense and attack. Great blade for beginners and mid-level skill players looking for a super light all around blade. 59 grams of resourceful power at the wait, while finesse is almost enticing.

- M Feller, IA

excelente control,ligera

excelente sensacion al contacto,la uso con nimbus sound y genius sound,para bloquear, loop,smash,muuuyy bue

- gabo cristiani, INT

Good feel

This blade has risin me from a 1100 to a 1651 great consistency I use genius sound on both sides for a powerful loop game but it still has the touch for a defensive game it has many gears. One drawback of this paddle you lose durability when going lighter I have broken 3 of these paddles just playing match play. But overall a solid paddle that will Change your approach to the game

excellent light blade

I love this blade a lot that why I bought 2 combos. Its great and good price.

Tung wa


If your looking for a blade that is light with plenty of power this is it. I use it with tibhar genius max on both sides. My loop and has become faster with much more spin and my serves are deadly. Over all a great blade that I recommend for anyone looking to go lighter.

Great Blade!

If you appreciate light weight with solid feel and control, this is the blade for you. I am a close to the table attacker, and this blade excels at chop, block, loop and smash. A keeper!

- Mark R., PA

light and manueverable

Ordered this blade with Nittaku Hammond X rubber and its become my favorite paddle.

- Richard Levy, NY

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