Hunter Power-Touch

Brand: Hunter
Class: OFF
Speed: 89
Control: 66
Blade Weight: 82
Plies: 5w, 2g
Blade Thickness: 5.5
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $140.95
Material: Wood + Composite



The Hunter Power-Touch is a great blade, used by Paddle Palace's own Judy Hoarfrost, 3-time US Senior Women's Champ and decade-long former member of US Team.

This blade is fast with a great amount of control for the amount of speed. Has a great feeling to it. Light in weight.

Five plies wood with 2 plies glass fiber for the ultimate experience of playing in the zone!
great control and speed

This blade has a great feel.I have Donic desto f2 on my fh and sriver on my bh.When I smash a ball it feels auwsome

- ping pong freak, OH

Startling control

I have used this blade for several years after trying many others. It allows me to return more balls than I would otherwise. I have swapped blades with a practice partner and watched his retrieve-ability increase. It must have a large sweet spot. I play with Nimbus Soft on the forehand and Nodias on the backhand.

- Doug, NH

Smashing Fun

I purchased the Hunter Power-Touch Combo Special with 2.0 Desto F3 Big Slam on both sides. Its huge sweet spot allows you go for more and more smashes with greater success than you could have imagined. If you want to put more offense in your game, give it a try, I know you will like it.

- Ray, NM

Ross, VA

This blade is well balance and light weight. I like every thing about it except that it vibrate a bit. Other than that, its a good blade. It doesnt take long to get the feel of it. Combine with Donic Baracuda rubbers, its very powerful. Speed, spin and control. Try it.

maybe not the blade for me

i personally wasnt too fond of this blade. i didnt think it provided the flex that i like in my blades. i sold it to a club mate and he loved it. he got quite a bit better after using it a few practice sessions. it improved his game a lot. so the rating posted is from him. for me it would be maybe 3 stars.

- ben, OK

Solid all around Blade

I have been playing for 35 years. Not as much lately but I was a 2075 level player in the late 80s-still solid 1800 with an allround game emphasizing backhand looping, pick hitting and chopping. I use Challenger or Baxter on the backhand. This is a very good blade for such a style. I can easily and confidently chop close or deep well with it and flick away pushes with the pips. Though I currently play with a butterfly arylate blade, I like this hunter product and it would well serve many types of players. I have big hands but it fits me fairly well

- Jim C, OH

Great results from this Combo

When I bought a combo with Hunter Power Touch Blade & Nittaku Renanos Soft 1.6mm, I wasnt satisfied with the speed but I beat all the guys used to beat me with my favorite rubber Nittaku Reforma. I dont know what happened but I keep scoring good. It has less speed & spin than Hammond X and Reforma. I guess it must be the blade that give me a lot of control and power shot. Try it, you will like it. Its a good combo.

Fast blade with great control

Reading the previous review, I wonder if you should try thicker sponge thickness. The 1.6 is not very fast. Anyway, I have used the Power-Touch for about five years with various rubbers, most recently Stiga Boost TC with 2.0mm. For me it provides great speed for my quick offensive game but my touch is phenomenal with this blade.


Not bad..

Light, large sweet spot due to the fibre glass. Medium/low flex, not a whole lot of speed. Blends well with Tibhar Rapid rubber with a good "hang" time. Handle is somewhat thin and may not suit all.

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