Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange

Item# RNH3T
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 98
Control: 70
Hardness: Hard



Collaboration of Japanese and Chinese technology has produced the outstanding Nittaku Hurricane Pro III Turbo Orange rubber! The tacky/sticky topsheet made in China is combined with the high-quality high elasticity sponge made in Japan. Also includes Nittaku's active charge (AC) technology which improves speed performance.

Mima Ito, 2017 World Championships Bronze Medalist, stated, "With Hurricane Pro III Turbo Orange, it is easy to spin, and the quality of serve receive and drive is high. Moreover, it does not feel harder than the actual sponge hardness, making it easy to do smashing and blocking, and various kinds of ball types can be drawn out. It is my favorite rubber because I can make use of the characteristics of my playing style, but I also think that any player can achieve success with this rubber, and so I recommend it."

REVIEW from Jiwei Xia, Paddle Palace Team Expert:
"Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange provides me with the best power on the market for my forehand attacks. I can put away pushes, chop and soft opening with ease. The new sponge is easier to smash with and my serves really have extra spin. I use Nittaku Hammond Power on my backhand to complete my Nittaku Tornado King Speed racket."
Do not bother

Unless you boost, this rubber is too hard and dead

Globally it is Okay

You will need two sessions to beak in. When I was playing with this on FH, I don't like its feeling. The topsheet is only slightly tacky, and the speed is not too fast. However, it somehow does the job. I am not very comfortable with this rubber, but so far I can't find another FH rubber that gives as good performance in match as this one does.

Step up from Chinese H3

I've never boosted any of my previous Chinese H3 rubbers before but this Nittaku rubber has totally different feel. Excellent for loop/spin, smash and block. I just can't find any cons for this one not unless you looking for hard sponge.

Great Quality Control

I have been using Nittaku Hurricane Pro III Turbo Orange on my FH for the past 6 weeks and really like the balance of speed and spin with this rubber. It didn't take 8-10 hours out of the package like most Chinese rubber to break-in but was ready to go on day 1. Really strong spin on loops and pushes while still having nice bounce on blocks and smashes. The Japanese sponge does a great job of springing the ball forward so no need to think of boosting for extra power. Get it on Daily Special (1-11-18)!

Sean O'Neill