Juic 999 Elite Defense

Item# RJ9ED
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 62
Spin: 94
Control: 82
Hardness: Soft



Juic 999 Elite Defense has the great tacky spin and quality of Juic 999 Elite, combined with special super-soft control-type sponge that slows the speed down to the level that defensive players love.

JUIC 999 Elite rubbers are all 100% made in Japan.

As advertised

Got this in 1.0 It really is slow for those who love a very slow rubber. Very good for controlled chops and close to the table looping. You will need to spend a little more energy when playing this rubber as you always need to give it a little extra push to get it over the net.

Will outspin your opponents

I keep coming back to this rubber since the top sheet and the sponge work in perfect harmony. Even at 2.0 you will still have that never miss feeling. The only weakness is flat hits, you will have to rake every shot to produce speed, spin is godly.

Were not lying...

This is a very good choice for a spin defensive rubber. The best part is it out last & out spin those other more expensive high technology rubbers sprouting these days.

Absolute best spin rubber

Let me lay it out clear and simple: slower rubber = you hit the ball harder/faster = more spin exerted on the ball. Imagine the potential...

Marc Risinger

The perfect defensive rubber.

Super tacky and great control with my Monophonic. Really helped pick up my serves. Only real drawback is the lack of a surprising power loop. They arent kidding with the 5.5 speed rating.

Control Freak

Most players like "power" in their play. A very few like "style" more than anything. I'm one of those rare types that like to make the ball alive & make it go to anywhere I want, in a sharp angled curve. I had these on my Juic Elf (thank god I got one before it got discontinued) for years, annoyed the heck of everyone I played with. A very dangerous weapon in the hands of a skilled chopper. This is a very good chop & loop rubber, if not the best.

Great Rubber!!

Juic 999 Elite Defense is about the best rubber I've found for my style of play. I use the 1.5mm on a Dr. Neubauer "Firewall" blade with Scalpel 0.6mm on the bh. It's has a lot of spin. Even in 1.5mm I'm very impress with the amount I can put on the ball. It has a lot of control. It's not a very fast rubber but when you attack you can put the ball where you want it. All-n-all it's a great rubber for allaround/defense play. Mauiboy