Juic 999 Elite Ultima

$37.95 $27.95
Item# RJ9EUL
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 92
Control: 73
Hardness: Medium

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Fantastic! The JUIC Ultima high tension sponge is combined with the very popular spinny and fast JUIC 999 Elite topsheet to produce this 100% Made-In-Japan masterpiece!

Softness, lightness, and speed is provided eloquently by JUIC 999 Elite Ultima with its 10% lighter than normal sponge. Combined with the fast, tacky, and spinny 999 Elite topsheet, you obtain the perfect combination for speed, spin and control.

Best Tacky Rubber

This the first tacky rubber that I love. It has speed, outstanding spin and very good control. Great for loops and service return. Short game has severe spin with great control.


First Rubber & Love It

I bought the Hunter Hawk Techno Power and it came with these rubbers. I feel I went from ok to very good, compared to the average joe, as soon as I learned how to control it. If there is seriously a better rubber, I would like to know because this one is awesome!!!

Cliff P


I would classify myself as just above a beginner TT player and have chosen the 999Elite Ultimate for my first fh rubber. As I have not established my style of play at this point but wish to develop into a good offensive player which is the reason for my choice of a high speed, spin rubber. At first there was difficulty controlling this high speed rubber but once I developed a good fh loop I find it to be a very good rubber, you can really bring some heat and great spin to your opponent. My problem with the rubber is that after three wks I find the rubber to be breaking down, chipping around the edges and a nice gash I acquired somehow, not very durable for the price. I need to change my rubber but not in any hurry as I love exploring the heat I bring to friends as I improve my technique. Friends who tried my blade when they brought their new blades said mine lacked control and not very good but now they are the ones saying how much spin and speed Im throwing their way! all along I knew it was my lack of technique


Great rubber

999 Elite Ultima gives really great spin. I have tried lots of rubbers and this is one of the best for spin with speed. I have found it to be longlasting too-- certainly as good as any other rubber.

juic 999 ulltima perfect

This rubber is similar to tradtional chinese rubber.It has percise control when looping as well as power, force, spin and speed.The feel of the rubber however is exceptionaly superior , meaning the sponge make-up is more advanced.That is why most of the chinese top players use this type of rubber.Wang Liqin, Ma Lin and Wang Hao all use tacky forehand rubber like double happiness;Hurricane,Skyline.That is part of the reason why they can loop so consistently.Consistecy is crucial when looping.999 is perfect.

Review: Juic Elite Ultima

Hmmm...this rubber is interesting. First, the ultima sponge being in the tensioned category is very sensitive to blade hardness, and the given rating is applicable only when glued to a hard blade (speed is much lower on softer blades). Second, as a long time user of Mark V,this one plays very differently by comparison; lower throw angle and more of a driving rubber than a looping rubber. Ball needs to be hit more head-on than a grazing style as most of the speed required to put the ball over the net is coming from the sponge. Also the rubber has a somewhat nonlinear response - at low impacts it is quite slow, but shines at higher speeds. Spin is on the high side and the rubber is lightweight. All in all, it takes getting used to, but not exactly a rubber with all the gears. Maybe more suitable for backhand.


Excellent spin with good speed. Definitely worth a try!