Juic 999 Elite

Item# RJ9EL
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 82
Spin: 89
Control: 75
Hardness: Medium



JUIC 999 Elite is the hottest rubber sheet around! Has fantastic spin and greater speed than other tacky rubber sheets. Keeps original spin characteristics longer, and is lighter in weight. Medium-soft sponge. The JUIC 999 Elite rubbers are all 100% made in Japan.

Below Average For Modern Table Tennis

During the days of the 30mm ball, this rubber was one of the fastest with great spin. I played a few years with it back then and loved it. With a bigger ball 40+ it lacks the spin and speed it used to have which was disappointing. However, for beginner players, this is more suited for you. It has great control and decent spin. But for more advanced players, it is not as suitable. Juic should upgrade this sheet, which is currently below average for the modern table tennis game.


One of the best rubbers

Similar to Juic Scramble, this rubber offers more spin and it can kill the ball very easily. It has all the gears that you need to give your game a different dimension. I have it on a Juic Kalinic penhold blade with Juic 889 on the other sidefh and for me it is the perfect weapon.



This is a grate robber although i played with it for 30 mins i got really used to it! It has AWESOME spin GREAT control. Though i would never suggest it to any of offensive players better for chopping type of players or top spinners.


i put 999 elite on all+ blade so for me it was a bit too slow. But this rubber has great control for how tacky it is and the tack stays for a long time as long as you have rubber protection sheets. I would imagine it would be killer on really fast blades. Speed glue adds decent amount of flexibility and speed but still not enough juice for me. So if your going to buy it have a fast blade, speed glue it and use protection sheets. If you do I would say it is well worth the buy.