Juic Air Condle

$49.95 $28.95
Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 88
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium

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With the arrival of Air Condle, technology has finally caught up!
You've been experimenting with new rubbers since the change in gluing rules. Some new rubbers have excellent spin but lack in durability. Some have excellent power, but have less spin and durability. HERE and NOW is Air Condle, the rubber with great SPIN, CONTROL, POWER, and DURABILITY.

Furthermore, water-based glue is used in the manufacturing process to adhere the topsheet and sponge, to benefit players' health and the environment, and enabling a green light when tested for VOC's.


this rubber is not fast and spiny like the rating ,it about 8.4 to 8.6 in speed and spin ,it is not work for attack player like me ,not good for loop player

virtue ngo

Great Rubber !

I just bought this rubber and I really Like it. Great control and spin .KS


Paying for premium price but why

Previous person was corrected about the rubber; good blocking, hitting, pushing, chopping and great speed. durable, looping and control are OK. Not for advance players. Almost as same as Juci Varites, but slower and more spiny. I would say the top rubbers are Tenergy, Sinus, Bryce Speed, Nianmor. Aircodle - maybe?

- Francis, WA

Dont buy this rubber assuming it performs like a Tenergy or a Sinus

This rubber just doesnt work for my mid distance attack game. The sponge has a very dense feel, that is great for blocking, but leaves a lot to be desired in heavy loops. Dont get me wrong, you can get a lot of spin with it, but the rubber isnt going to do it for you; you really have to swing hard. I bought this rubber assuming it would play like Tenergy or Sinus, and in reality its closer to Sriver, or Sriver FX. Overall, if your game is mostly blocking, hitting, and control looping, the rubber is fine, but if your wanting to be a little more aggressive, i.e. counterlooping, over the table looping, I wouldnt go with it.

Functionally an elder brother of Sinus

Fast, low/long arc and spinny! If I say its good, it is good! Air Condle is definitely the top 5 rubbers that are currently on the market. The top 5 are: Tenergy05 Nianmor Air Condle, Sinus, Bryce Speed

TooBigTo MoveQuickEnough