Juic Ghost

Brand: Juic
Class: DEF
Speed: 59
Control: 92
Blade Weight: 72
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.1
Blade Handles: ST
Material: All Wood



Now finally here is a lightweight blade for the versatile defensive player! The Juic Ghost has a slightly oversized head. Excellent for chop, push, block, controlled countering, and the occasional surprising smash. Straight handle.
Perfect control

This blade is very light for an oversized blade, so you can put thick rubbers on it. For instance, for modern defense, you can put an offensive MAX size rubber on FH if you want, and the weight would still be manageable. Large head allows for good contact and control. Fast enough to smash. Great for chopping and hitting with backhand with the appropriate LP rubbers.

- Aimin, VA

Peculiar Defensive Wood

This blade is not a bit overseized but it is really overseized: 172x166mm ! The low weight resides on the 4,5mm thickness. It gives you a superb control due to the low speed and the huge seize => sweetspot. To my surprise I found it powerful enough for sudden topspin attacks. Only upon smashing I noticed the low speed. However there is one great disadvantage: it is really top-heavy and in combination with the thin handle this caused problems in sense of a tennis-elbow.