Juic Light-Carbo Japanese Penhold (2-sided)

Brand: Juic
Class: ALL+
Speed: 81
Control: 75
Blade Weight: 67
Plies: 5w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Blade Handles: J-2
Combo Price: $165.95
Material: Wood + Composite
Type: 2-Side

In Stock


Light-weight Japanese-style carbon penhold for two-sided play!

Designed with a Japanese-style cork grip that is the same on both sides, so that rubber can be applied to either one side or two sides. Rounded head is shaped like most Chinese-style blades, but the grip has protrusions like the Japanese-style penhold. Two plies carbon, three plies wood. At 63 grams, the blade is light, and rated ALL+ for speed. Awesome choice for the experienced allround player looking for great versatility in a blade!
Wonderful blade

I bought it for my wife for her birthday. we are serious TT players. I love the handle. I put yoshi rubber on it and it works great. Its very good for spin, loops and more FOR JUST 9.95

- george of the jungle, AR

Very unique penhold paddle for extra stability and control

I bought this paddle hoping to be a two-sided player with different rubber on each side, which was not possible with ordinary penholds. Unexpectedly, however, I found that the uniquely protruded cork grip on the back (unused) side gives me extra stability and control (with two fingers curled around it). It's particularly useful for backhand stroke and drive. I like it so much, and after a few months, I found myself too accustomed to this grip and cannot play as well with the ordinary penhold paddle that I also have (more expensive than the Light-Carbo). So, I'll probably be stuck with this paddle for long (or forever). This is, however, my experience and anybody interested will have to try himself/herself. Personally, I highly recommend it.

excellent blade

This paddle is very comfortable because it is so light. I think it is fast, however the speed varies a bit. It seems like the sweetspot is erratic. I am ambidextrous, so I take advantage of the 2 handles, but 2 handles are not necessary. However only a couple of penhold blades offer "2 sided play". I think they mean reverse penhold, which I use instead of the normal penhold backhand. Being cork, you can cut off as much of the handle as you want. It is a fast, light paddle, stronger than "allround". I will probably buy a couple more. I recommend it.

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