Juic Nano Spin II Charisma

Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 96
Spin: 95
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium



The newest rubber from Juic, Nano Spin II Charisma gives you even more power and sound. New Charisma catapult sponge developed for 40+ plastic ball provides excellent spin and enhanced speed to bring a new dimension to the spin attack game.
Power, Torque and Touch

I must admit, I didnt try the other available sponges.... but with Charisma sponge, this rubber really gives me a great sensation of grabbing the ball, then placing anywhere I want it with superior torque when spinning/looping. When hitting, it sinks in for an instant, then releases with just enough spin so that it seems to drop in now matter how hard I swing. It is just shy of being sticky... so great for serves and pushes too. My new favorite.

- Dave, MI