Juic Nano Spin

Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 90
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium



Nano Spin is the latest development of the special Juic technology that allows speedy play with tacky rubbers. Tacky rubbers tend to be most effective in their characteristics when serving or chopping, but Nano Spin enables outstanding allround and offensive play both close to and far from the table. Spin, speed and control: If you need the best of them all, Nano Spin is the rubber you are looking for!
Really great for tacky spin with speed

Nano Spin is tacky with excellent speed. It is made in Japan and much better than the Chinese made tacky rubbers. Great touch and spin on the loop but it has the pick-me-up when I put it away. I had it on the Donic Waldner Dicon but tried it this week on my Ma Lin Soft Carbon and liked it too.

King Pong

Too fragile

After three weeks of play, the edges were cracked in pieces, very fragile. For this price, you can choose the top rated rubbers; Tenergy 05, Sinus, Nianmor... If you pay that much, then you will be disappointed. Control is good, speed is slow, durability is fragile, very spiny and light. The best rubber from Juic are Varities, Nanocannon, Sheron, and Scramble. I WOULD NOT BUY IT AGAIN for $56 dollar!

Too slow

Im disappointed this rubber that cost over $50+. I would rate this rubber: speed = 85, spin = 90, control = 95 good control.