Juic Scramble

Brand: Juic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 78
Spin: 78
Control: 81
Hardness: Medium



Juic Scramble is one of the all-time best-selling rubber sheets. This quality inverted rubber is made for aggressive offensive players. Generates great speed and spin with superior consistency in performance.
Good Allround

This rubber has been compared to Mark V. It is a good allround rubber but does not have the superb top sheet of Mark V. Speed is good for a non tensor rubber, with spin acceptable but again not as spinny as Mark V. A good choice for allround play with excellent control.


Control and Speed

I used this rubber in 2.0mmas do most I think for about a year,both on an allaround blade,and an off- Tibhar Samsonav Alpha;it had good control,and more than enough speed on both,especially the OFF-. Very long lasting rubber;far more than the 999 Elite I have. Ill use it for years;its better than my friends Mark V 2 I found that the 1.5mm I now use has almost the same speed,and far more control.

- RA, FL

good rubber

not as sticky as spinspiel, but with short pips speed, a good combo

Great Control

Just recieved this rubber today on both sides of my epox donic power allround. It is amazing great control and speed i was playing against my dad and he has yasakas mark v and we changed paddles for a little and it is just as good if not better if any of you guys are debating over the two rubbers, personally i think the scramble is better because its got a little more control and it also works great for power shots as well. i would definately recommend this rubber for an allround intermediate player. definately worth the price.

- Jdog, IN

good stuff

this is an excellent rubber for a fast paced game. this was the first rubber that i got when my game started to develop and i cant stress enough how it has let it progress since then.


The ultimate JUIC rubber. This rubber provides the all around player to accomplish the intense loop shot. Definitely would recommend it to any player that wants to develop fundamental skills. This is the only rubber I will purchase in the future.

for attack players

if you are an all around player and like to smash the ball sometimes, this is the perfect rubber for you. It is a fast rubber with great control. I consider this rubber the equivalent of Butterfly Sriver, Yasaka Mark V or Donic Vario.