My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Catcher

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My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Catcher is a "Paddle Palace Pick" - It is the best design we have seen!

My Ping Pong Buddy is the quickest and most efficient way to pick up lots of table tennis balls off the floor. Pick up dozens of balls in just a minute or two. With its long reach and extendable aluminum handle, it is easy to reach balls under the table, under furniture, under feet, and all around the floor -- without bending over! Holds up to 80 balls.

The net is on top. You simply put the device over the ball or balls, and the balls pop right into the net. So easy, and fun too! The kids at the club fight over who gets to use the Ping Pong Buddy to pick up the balls.

If you own a robot or train with multi-ball, this table tennis ball collector will save you a lot of time and energy while saving you from straining your back.

Made in USA.
Everybody loves this!

This is the most fun and efficient way to pick up balls. The handle length is adjustable and suitable for both kids and adults. There are horizontal strings across the head of the picker upper and when you put the picker upper over the balls, they pop right in to the net, very quickly and easily. Then you just turn the net over to put the collected balls into your robot or container. Easy Peasy!

Judy Hoarfrost