Nittaku 2-Star Superior 40+ Ball

Brand: Nittaku
Material: Poly
Ball Type: Training



The Nittaku 2-Star Superior balls are poly plastic balls made in Japan by Nittaku.

These non-celluloid poly balls are the next best thing to the Premium 40+ Ball. They are made in the same factory with the same materials and production methods as the Premium 40+, but are offered at a lower price!

Available in white only. Packaged in boxes of 3 balls.
Type: poly plastic
Very good ball

Normally I only buy 3-star balls, but these are better than some 3-star balls that I have used., Maybe it's because these are made in Japan.

Tuan Nguyen

Surprisingly the least durable balls I have ever had.

Logically, it would seem like these balls would be of great quality and last very long like their 3-star counterparts. Unfortunately, all of the 6 balls that I purchased, cracked within a few days of regular training. I would rather use the much cheaper Nittaku practice balls, and highly recommend NOT TO BUY THESE.

- Daniel, CA

plays like the 3-star

I bought these recently and I really think everything about it is as good as the Premium 40+ 3-star, and the only difference is the price. If you are super picky, go with the 3-star, but if you are looking to save some money and practice with an equivalent ball, get this one.


better than other 3 star balls

These balls are pretty much the same ball as the Nittaku 3 star poly.. the only difference I can see is the durability, but quite frankly, that is a stretch.. My only complaint is the price, but who can blame Nittaku.. they know what they have and the demand is there.. There is nothing like this ball, it is the best.

- Sebastian Kiely, PA

As good as Tournament Balls

This has the same weight, same bounce, same spin, and speed as the Nittaku 3-star premium tournament balls. I cant tell the difference. Even if I had a microscope I wont be able to see the difference. This is what you need for everyday play at the club.

River Walker

Great balls

Unable to get the 3 star Nittaku balls I went ahead and bought a dozen of these for our work league. These 2 star balls are hands down better than any of the 3 star balls on the market, period. They are durable and play exactly like the premiums

- sebastian kiely, PA

Excellent balls

Ive just have practice with this pollyballs and it is impressive its speed and good grip with my Butterfly Tenergy and Stiga Airoc. Nice training.

Nelson Garcia