Nittaku Best Anti

Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 60
Spin: x
Control: 88
Hardness: Soft



Nittaku Best Anti is anti-topspin rubber from Nittaku that could be just the one for you! Excellent for neutralizing your opponent’s spin, this is the dream anti for the combination player. Pair Best Anti on one side with a spinny rubber on the other side and you will have a fantastical tool for strategic play. Quality rubber 100% made in Japan.
good stuff

I bought this rubber to help deal with the extreme spin serves that some opponents use to get easy points. This rubber works welll to take away the energy and spin on the initial service. Gets the ball over the net and allows me the opportunity to win points.


This rubber is GREAT!!! I play with a lot of guys that use under-spin serves. It always causes me grief. Now I flip my paddle, and the ball bounces over the net. It requires a little bit of a push over the net, because it really takes the energy out of the ball. It doesnt stop the balls spin, rather it hits the rubber and just bounces off? Other side of my paddle? Tenergy 05! Got the best of both worlds!

- Juan McGruder, OR