Nittaku Fastarc C-1

Item# RNFC1
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 96
Spin: 95
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium



The Nittaku Fastarc C-1 rubber is "Fast" with an "Arc"!

It is the ingenious creation from Nittaku combining a tension spin topsheet with a soft strong sponge.

It takes the best attributes from earlier Fastarc rubbers: G-1 and S-1 and utilizes them to make the new Fastarc C-1. This combination creates incredible grip and speed to allow players to create artistic shots.
Nittaku Girl Loves Fastarc C-1

The Fastarc C-1 rubber is really good quality, and perfectly matches my style which is close to the table. It gives me good spin and great control like its name. (C stands for control). I use it with the Nittaku Acoustic Carbon blade. It's awesome!! This blade and rubber combination allows me to hit really hard but at the same time have great control.

- Sarah Jalli, OH


This is a great combo for my Darker Speed 90 on my forehand. It really accentuates the speed of the S-1 while still having the spin of G-1. Obviously it is a lot more sensitive to incoming spin and is a little harder to control than the S-1 but to get more speed, power and spin it is absolutely worth the compromise. I have a weaker backhand so Im still looking for a better backhand rubber that would compliment my style of play. Nevertheless this is still an awesome rubber from Nittaku!

- Teddy Lim, TX

C1 for beginer

I notice novice seem to learn looping or top spinning a back spin ball easier.


Innovative Rubber

Normally soft is a slower version of the harder sponges for the same type of rubber but not so with C-1. In fact, this is the fastest for its type on the market. This rubber has more grip than S-1, but the control I think is the same. Looping is fabulous with this rubber along with chopping and blocking. I like it for serving too and it also handles the new plastic balls well. So if you are an advance player looking for a quality rubber to play with, consider this one!