Nittaku Finezip Glue

Brand: Nittaku
Type: Glue



Nittaku Fine Zip is a water-based glue. VOC-free and legal under the new ITTF regulations. Apply Finezip to both blade and rubber, dries in about 5 minutes, then apply rubber to blade.

Size: Comes in 25ml, 50ml or 100ml plastic tube.

ALL WATER-BASED GLUES, including Finezip, must be kept between 40 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit (5 - 40 C.).
Nittaku Finezip vs. Btfly FreeCheck

The Nittaku Finezip is too thick and not as much as adhesive, compared to Btfly Freecheck. I have used Nittaku, Tibhar, and Btfly brands, and among them, the Btfly FreeCheck is the best. I heard from one of professionals that Donic Formula First is the good one as well. I will try Donic Formula First in near future.


Best non-VOC Glue

Ive used several non-VOC glues and definitely feel that Finezip is best out of all of them. Its much easier to use than the other major type of water glue, e.g., Butterfly Free Chack or Joola X-Glue. As another review mentions, the key to using Finezip is to let it dry until it becomes clear unlike other glues. It dries relatively fast, spreads very smoothly, has decent adhesion and most importantly, does not pull out splinters or chunks out of a rubber when you remove it. The only downside is its a bit pricey and usually out of stock.


Good glue, packaging in Japanese ONLY, as far as I can tell.

The glue itself seems fine. It is easy to peel off of the blade if you mess up and want to start over. It dries FAST when applying, so dont mess around once you pour it out. My only complaint is that the instructions appear to be in Japanese only. A translation to English, German, or French might have been helpful.

- David, KS

Best VOC free glue available

When applied properly, this glue is easy to remove from the sponge and blade, without tearing or wearing a blister into your thumb. Apply to both sponge and blade, let dry and stick together.

Nittaku Finezip Revision 3

After using multiple non voc water based glues, this is the winner for usage, bond, and removal. The key is to let it dry all the way. You can use a hairdryer on low to speed things along. But wait until it is clear before gluing.


Revision of Nittaku Finezip Review

I decided to give the product a fair chance. I tried to glue some previously glued sheets on to an unsealed Yasaka YEO and the rubber went on with no problems. If you plan on using this product, I would suggest NOT sealing your blade unless the outer layer is very fragile. I think I was impatient as well didnt let the glue do its thing long enough and that led to the issues I had. Also, you HAVE to use the little sponge that comes with it or you might have some problems...and once you have a bad glue job, it takes forever to peel it off.


Did not work well on my sealed blade

I just ordered Nittaku Finezip from you guys...what a disaster that product is. My experience was that the finezip did not stick to my blade because it was sealed with VOC free sealer. http://www.mytabletennis.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=25003