Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue

Item# RNH3B
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 99
Control: 69
Hardness: Hard



Collaboration of Japanese and Chinese technology has produced the Nittaku Hurricane Pro III Turbo Blue rubber!

The tacky/sticky topsheet made in China is combined with a dense hard, high-quality, high elasticity sponge made in Japan. Also includes Nittaku's active charge (AC) technology which improves speed performance.

Compared to the Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange, this rubber has a harder sponge and gives extra power.

Due to the dark blue sponge, Turbo Blue is only available in black. Turbo Orange is available in both red and black.
Slow rubber

There is no way this is rated at 94 speed. It is good for control and spin. It should be like 80 speed. Once again it shows that rubbers made in Germany are better than they are made in China.

- Steve Mains, NJ

Very sticky rubber

The rubber is very sticky and almost feels like a magnet to the ball. Has good control too.

Tshering Sherpa