Nittaku Moristo DF

Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 78
Spin: 88
Control: 77
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Nittaku Moristo DF has amazing feeling for defensive and allround play. The topsheet and sponge have super elasticity. Ball goes deep into sponge for a great spring effect, but with slower speed it also provides a hang effect with excellent control.
Make sure you know what you are buying

I assumed that my purchase would come with two sheets of rubber. It only came with one however. Has great control though...



I have lately put this rubber on a very-very fast 5 ply wooden blade. I found that control remained still excellent!!! /Not supposed to happen/ Suddenly looping possibilities opened up from deep behind the table. Pushing is easy into the deep part of the table. Watch the drop shots.......keep your wrist loose, its still bouncy. I just love the change I made. I am using, of course, 1.9mm

Zoltan Gergely

A great backhand choice

It has incredible control for blocking and looping off the bounce. Works very well on an offensive minus blade

Superb control/chopping rubber

A very controllable, spiny rubber with great feel...and perfect for a chopper or all around control player. Chops go deep and low and attacks can be struck firmly with greater accuracy than with many faster rubbers with the same spin rating. A must for at least one side of your blade!


A must for a chopper

For those of us who were raised in the old D13 and C4 era with soft sponge and great control, this one fills all requirements. Subjectively speaking, only natural rubber offers better touch. This rubber is bouncy and spinny. Put it on a slow blade, like the Nittaku "Endless", mate it with long pips on the other side and if you are the technical player, the soft wood and this rubber combination will enable you to play a very steady game.