Nittaku Nodias

$38.95 $28.95
Brand: Nittaku
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 80
Spin: 82
Control: 79
Hardness: Medium-Hard

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Original price was in 2023


Nittaku Nodias has Powerful Top-spin and Pin-Point Control!

In the production process of the top-sheet of Nodias, natural rubber is mixed carefully, taking a longer time than normal rubbers. This unique mixing method results in the superior bite (or grab) feeling of Nodias. Even in counter attacking, the rubber grabs the ball firmly to keep it under control.

The ideal combination between the top-sheet and the high elastic sponge enables you to: 1) product powerful top-spin, 2) generate slow shots intentionally, and 3) get pin-point control in a variety of shots.
great rubber

I have been using Nodias for a year. I got it by buying a clearance bargain at PP. I would not have bought it otherwise. But I was very happy. Compared to 999 rubbers, Nodias is faster and not so tacky. Compared to Joola Energy, Nodias is slower and much easier to control. I would say it is a replacement for speed glued rubber. I use it on both forehand and reverse penhold backhand. For an unknown, not heavily advertised rubber, it is great. I highly recommend it.


Nittaku Nodias review

I've been using Nittku Nodias for a couple years now on my reverse penhold backhand. Before I used Joola Samba but I couldn't feel the ball as well. Nodias is fairly heavy, grippy topsheet and a medium hard sponge. It has good feel for slow looping and also works well loop driving over the table, is fast unglued and is durable. I'm on my fourth sheet and the first one I got still works. -- Andrew