Nittaku Nori Plus Glue Sheet

Brand: Donic
Type: Glue



Nori Plus Glue Sheet for one rubber. Adheres rubber to blade without mess or fumes. Peel paper off one side of glue sheet and stick to the blade, trim glue sheet. Then peel paper off other side of glue sheet, stick rubber to blade, then trim rubber. Available as individual sheets or a box of twelve sheets. One sheet adheres one rubber.

Glue sheets are not recommended for rubber with sponge. Glue sheets are best used for rubbers that have no sponge. For example, some of the long pips rubbers with no sponge are most easily adhered with glue sheets. For rubbers with sponge, Paddle Palace recommends liquid glue for best results.
Glue Sheet Nori

Easy to use and protects the blade from water based glues and keeps glue from absorbing into the rubber.

Ron Caldwell

Superior Glue Sheets

The Nittaku glue sheets are more reliable and easier to use thna the Tibhar. I tried the Tibhar once and I wont use them again. This is the second time I have found the Nittaku out of stock. Now Ill have to use glue.

Hugh Owen

A most excellent alternative

Ive use these glue sheets on three bats now... two new applications and once, to migrate rubbers from a cracked blade to a new one. They are easy to use and provide an nearly instant attachment for the rubber. Peel and stick to the blade, trim around the edges. Peel the second liner and affix the rubber. Trim the rubber. Repeat the process for the opposite side... and then "press" the finished product on a nice flat countertop under some books for a while overnight works well but not necessary if you dont have the convenience of time. Apply the edge tape of your choice and youre off and running.