Nittaku S-7

Item# SNSC7
Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF
Speed: 88
Control: 68
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 7w
Blade Thickness: 6.2
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood



The Nittaku S-7 is part of the S-Series, and is a product of German craftsmanship and European spruce wood. Spruce is well known as an exquisite wood that is used in the highest quality musical instruments. Nittaku's S-Series brings you this high quality wood for a reasonable price. The S-7 is a fast blade with 7 plies of Spruce and Ayous wood. The American Walnut handle is laser mark sealed to keep the beauty of the natural wood. Made in Germany.
Great balance of speed and feel

After using 3 different carbon blades, I switched to this beautiful all wood blade. The blade is a touch heavier than some of the lighter carbon blades (ave. 90g) but very well balanced. I have been using over a year and plan to keep using. Currently, I am using this blade with Xiom Omega VII Pro FH and Omega VII Euro BH for an excellent set up for my topspin/attacking style. Full disclosure, I am a Paddle Palace employee.

Joel Sommer

Very fast, well-made all-wood blade!

I tried the S-7 first (before trying S-5) and found it very fast with Nittaku G1 Fastarc (Max FH) and Rakza 7 (2.0 BH). Similar to Nittaku Acoustic all-wood, maybe a touch slower. Craftsmanship is superb, and good spruce face. Comparable to some fast wood-carbon blades, but better touch.

- Ron Vincent, OR