Nittaku Septear

Brand: Nittaku
Class: OFF
Speed: 90
Control: 74
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 7w
Blade Thickness: 6.7
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Combo Price: $150.95
Material: All Wood



Nittaku Septear is seven plies of Hinoki Heaven! Top-quality layers of Hinoki wood give this fast offensive blade a sensational feel of balance, power, and control.
Excellent Blend of Power and Control

This blade provides a great compromise of speed and control! It feels delicate and sensitive for touch shots and flicks, yet powerful enough for offensive driving. All of this at a reasonable price! If you are looking for a lightweight or thin blade, this one is not for you. If you're looking for offensive capabilities while maintaining lots of control, you'll love it.

- Tom, IA


Seventh Heaven Plies of Pure Hinoki Heaven - exactly just how Nittaku described it!!! I just can't believe how much CONTROL is dripping in this paddle! It's really confidence & awe inspiring and it let's me take the calculated and risky shots when miliseconds matter the most during intense play. I thought the Zhang Jike ALC w T80FX had control - buddy let me tell you this blade is all about CONTROL and surgical control for that matter. Ball placement is awesome! You can make your opponent run from one side of the court/table to the other because of it and it let's you set up your attack for the next shot! Looping, pushing, flicking, chopping, smashing you name it, it can and will do it! The only thing I wish I did was carefully read and listen to the reviews below and actually paired it with hard to medium hard sponge rubbers. I like the Nittaku Refoma 2.1 mm that I have on both sides right now but I feel like it could definitely use some help with speed, power and explosiveness especially during serves. This is why I will be ordering it with the Nittaku Fastarc S-1's here very shortly! Can't wait to get it and I will add an updated review of the blade with rubber combination! Thank you Paddle Palace & my product specialist and advisor David for the awesome suggestions and quick service! Cheers!

Teddy Lim - Austin, TX

good feeling

good dwell time, spinny, nice blade


Sweet Hinoki wood

This is blade is awesome, works very well with Tenergy rubber. Would recommend this to any off player.

- Ozzy S, TX

great for new speed glue era

i love the feel of this blade espeacially w/the tensor rubbers. i wish there was a blade that was 5.7-6.0 thickness that plays exactly like this one. still, the heavy top spins, control,and feeling is fantastic.

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