PRO SPECIAL: Donic Original Carbospeed with Bluestar A1

$204.85 $174.95
Item# ZZSDOVP303
Brand: Donic
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 98
Spin: 99

Blade: DONIC Original Carbospeed (flared handle)
Rubber: DONIC Bluestar A1 (max sponge)
Playing Style: Aggressive Offensive In Stock


The Donic Original Carbospeed blade comes assembled with Bluestar A1 rubber.

THE BLADE: The Donic Original Carbospeed blade is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and durability.

THE RUBBER:Donic BlueStar A1 has great potential to become the new star among the Donic table tennis rubber sheets because of its new technology. The secret lies in its sponge with new rubber technology called "Optimized Energy Sponge".

The fantastic catapult and speed characteristics make Donic BlueStar A1 an exceptional product. The top sheet - unlike the successful rubbers of Donicís Bluegrip C-Touch series - is only slightly sticky, but it is extremely grippy. With a 52.5 degree sponge, the BlueStar A1 appears relatively hard but only at first glance.

Great paddle! Although it creates great spin and power, it still allows for very good control. Best paddle I have ever used! Liked it so much that I ordered a second one for backup!

- Gary, MT

Great paddle and rubber

This is a great combo. I have been able to beat players that used to be a nightmare for me. The combination of spin and speed is just great. My opponents have told me how hard the spin is for them. I have read that very fast equipment is not recommended for intermediate players, but I had no problems adjusting to it. I totally agree with the reviewer that stated ''It knows where I want to put the ball more than I do'' because it really does!!. I have been punishing my opponents with very tricky serves and with powerful smashes.

Jose Martinez

Best I've Ever Used

My dad, brother, and I play...that's about it. Sometimes a cousin or a friend...but mostly just us. We are, however, extremely competitive. My dad and brother have a pretty decent paddle setup themselves. When I got tired of using the backup paddle or one of theirs, I bought this one...based on it's speed and spin rating. I like to play a lot of spin. So does this paddle. It's still really fast, which also plays well with me. I've never felt so in tuned with a paddle before. It knows where I want to put the ball more than I do. Shots that used to just barely miss are now just barely on the table. Remarkable. I've caused a stir. My dad no longer likes his Stiga. I was always loyal to Stiga, but this Donic has won me over and beyond.


Wow - great buy with Bluefire rubber!

How can you go wrong playing with a blade named for champ Ovtcharov? Now I play just like him. But seriously, the Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo is the best rubber I have ever used, and I'm an equipment junkie. Paired with this blade gives excellent speed, spin, and power.