PRO SPECIAL: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive with Mark V

$127.85 $108.95
Item# ZZSYMAE299
Brand: Yasaka
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 85
Spin: 80

Blade: YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Offensive (flared handle)
Rubber: YASAKA Mark V (Max mm sponge)
Playing Style: Allround Offensive Out of Stock

The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive with flared handle is assembled with Yasaka Mark V rubber with Max thickness sponge.

THE BLADE: The Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive blade is the blade used by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Ma Lin. It has a large sweet spot and excellent speed performance in attacks. Also excels in the important blocking play.

THE RUBBER: The Mark V rubber from Yasaka is a classic allround offensive rubber, still one of our top-selling rubber sheets because of its versatility and performance.

OVERALL: This blade/rubber combination is suited to employ a variety of offensive spin shots while maintaining excellent control. Recommended for a wide variety of allround to offensive players focused on controlled shots.
Very heavy on the front

I used Yasaka Balsa+ with Yasaka Mark V earlier and wanted to try something a little different. This Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (flared) with Yasaka Mark V (Max) turned out to be pretty heavy on the front. Try balancing it in the middle and you will see how heavy it is on one side and I could never adjust to it. It just kept hurting my fingers. So stopped using it and switched back to earlier paddle


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This combo is perfect for beginners. Beg, borrow, or save for this this setup. They put it together for you, you receive it ready to play with, and you can practice good form from the start of your training. Yes, people will say, $100, wow that's a lot! The truth is the opposite. I started by using a regular paddle, basic, maybe it came with the table, but this beauty gives me the ability to feel how I hit the ball. I KNOW when I had good form, I KNOW when I hit it too hard, I KNOW when I combined my efforts well and made a great play. Start here and you will not be disappointed (thanks to Ma Lin for designing this setup).

- Josiah Lonsway, MI

Great Combo

Not Much i can say, its great.