Paddle Palace Fold and Roll Ball Collection Net

Brand: Paddle Palace

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The Paddle Palace Fold and Roll Ball Collection Net is ideal for serve practice or for using with a robot.

It is attached to a central metal stand with four caster wheels that allow it to easily roll to and away from the table. The side and main nets fold for compact storage when not in use. Two side nets extend to the center of the table to catch every shot over the table. Great for clubs, schools, and home use. When expanded, the top of the net is 25" above the table and extends 16" beyond the end of the table. The assembly is 66" tall when folded.
Very Useful

I ordered one of these for my new club about 3 months ago. We keep it set up on a spare table every day for service practice, or put a small robot in front of it on the table. It is good quality, and easy to set up and take down. My only complaint is that it came with absolutely no instructions whatsoever; but it wasn't that hard to figure out.

- R. Nagel, NY

I like it.

Ive had this net for 2 weeks and I really like it. The fold-up and roll-a-way features sold me on this net even though there are others at a lower price. The setup was fast and easy and the rolling stand is heavy enough to support the net. I use it my garage and it takes about 2 minutes to set it up and less time to fold and store. One thing about this net is that when balls hit the metal support rods they fly all over my garage. I put some foam pipe insulation, I got 6 feet of the smallest size for $2, over the support rods and this has resolved the issue and does not interfere with setup or storage. Id recommend this net just for the fold-up and roll-a-way features.

Bruce J

Convenient and helpful

I just bought one of these. It was easy to set up, and it is very convenient for serving practice. There are two little stems attached to the table by the net to hold the side-nets, and I leave those in place. The rest of the net rolls away and folds to a vertical shape, so it is easy to switch to 2-person play.. This has made serving practice much easier.