Paddle Palace Rectangular Case

Brand: Paddle Palace
Type: Cases



This great Paddle Palace Rectangular-shaped Case can hold two paddles in a single, divided section.

Carrying loop, and a ball pocket on exterior can hold three balls.

Thick, padded, high-quality fabric provides excellent protection.

The zipper has two pulls and zips around three sides, allowing the case to open completely, and making paddle removal and storage quick and easy.

Inside there are flaps on each side for securing your paddles or other items. A divider down the middle separates your paddles and adds extra protection.

Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Navy, Pink, Purple, or Red.
Roomy and functional; great protection

This case is very well constructed and perfectly functional. The case has a separation panel inside to keep the two bats apart. The main zipper is smooth and of high quality. The external ball pouch is handy, but offers little protection. This case is spacious, and while not as attractive as some, it gives great confidence that your blades and rubbers are not going to be scuffed up. Recommended!

Timothy Swensen

Good value

This is a two paddle case that has ample room and padding, plus a ball pocket on the outside. There is a divider in the middle, plus sleeves on both sides. You can pay as much or more for just a single case with no ball pocket.

- Robert, MD

Works as advertised

Smooth zipper, solid construction. My only complaint is that the racket can move around some within the case so its possible for a protective sheet to slide off and get bunched up. But simply putting the racket into one of the side pockets would avoid this.

- Dave, WI