Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro

Item# OPVH2
Brand: Paddle Palace



Touch Screen & Spin Indicator Panel!
The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Robot is a very versatile and user-friendly high-tech robot. The LCD Touch Screen makes operation and programming of all functions of the robot very easy! Get started in seconds using one of the 30 built-in ball sequences with just a few touches on the screen. Making your own custom sequences is also simple, as the Touch Screen walks you step-by-step through the setup. You can save up to nine of your own favorite custom sequences, and you can easily modify the 30 built-in sequences. Whether you use built-in sequences or your own custom sequences, start-up is easy every time you play.

The Spin Indicator Panel, located just below the shooting head on the robot, shows you the spin for each ball before it shoots. This makes playing with the robot more like playing with a human partner, as you can visually anticipate the spins on the upcoming balls.

The H2W Touch Pro Robot has two throw wheels with independently programmed motors, allowing a great variety and degree of spins, including topspin, underspin, sidespin, and no-spin. Plus the robot can seamlessly shoot consecutive shots with different spins. There are 22 possible landing spots on the table including short and long balls, making possible any combination of spins and landing spots you choose.

The H2W Touch Pro Robot is designed for the player who wants a high-quality long-lasting robot that is easy to use, yet offers the sophisticated technology for practicing the ideal training patterns to take your game to the next level.

Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Robot includes:
- Net Collection and Ball Recycling System
- FREE 120 Nittaku J-Top training balls
- Free Shipping to contiguous USA
- 30-day money-back Guarantee
- One year limited Warranty

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H2W robot review and demo video

Recently purchased this robot and we're very happy with it. I had originally purchased the S4W (dual head) robot but quickly realized it could not provide the programming convenience nor the flexibility for placement and multiple spins (more than 2) that the H2W could. For however long this robot has been on the market in various rebadges, there are only 1 or 2 very old demo videos you can find on the internet. It made it more difficult for me to really decide to spend close to $1800 to see whether it was worth it. I think the additional expense to upgrade from the S4W is well worth it even just for the convenience of programming. Here's a demo video of my son using the robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6HH545lS-I Hope this helps you decide if this is the right robot for you!

- Everett de Leon, KS

Excellent robot and fast service

I received the H2W one week after I ordered from Paddle Palace which was exactly as expected. James and David help me decide getting the H2W that offers excellent drills for spins returns especially it can shoot consecutive shots with different spins. It took me half hour to setup and read manual. The programming instructions are easy to understand. I raise the robot a little so I can have perfect shots. The touch screen is very helpful and easy to use. It also saves my settings for next use. I have a left topsin shot followed by a underspin then a fast topspin then a no-spin. Its amazing. I like it very much. Thank you Paddle Palace for this robot and for fast service.

- Liz, TX

Addendum to previous rating post +++++

After the first three dented balls, I never had another dented ball without any modification to the robot. I have been using the robot now for several weeks almost every day and it has improved my game dramatically. Thanks Paddle Palace!!

- Craig Thompson, TX

Love it!! Thanks Dave for all the help in making a decision.

This robot is so much fun!!! It comes ready out of the box except for attaching the net. I havent went past the 30 pre-programmed sequences yet and probably will not need to for a long time. A very slight negative is I believe I am denting balls 3 out of 400 shots so far on hard loop shots that hit the opening where part of the robot is exposed. It will be an easy fix with a small piece of foam. Loads of fun with this machine and a great cardio workout especially if you turn the frequency up. LOL Thanks again Dave for the advice and explanations on the robots. He spent a long time on the phone with me and my wife! What a great group of people at Paddle Palace. Awesome customer service!!!! Cheers!!!!!

- Craig Thompson, TX