Stiga Attach Glue

Brand: Stiga
Type: Glue



Stiga Attach Power Glue Solves the Glue Buildup Problem!

Stiga's new Attach Power Glue will put victory within your reach. This innovative glue is specially formulated to eliminate glue buildup! In addition, it is very adhesive, so one application is all that is needed to attach new rubber to a blade.

Available in 50 and 100 ml.
Best Glue Ever

This glue is the best glue ever, and its what the professionals use. The key to using it properly is when you squirt the glue onto the sponge make sure the glue is put on in thin lines. Also, buy some craft sponge brushes, the ones with gray sponge and the wooden stick, you can buy a package of 25 brushes at Wal-Mart for under $4. Spread only a thin amount of glue evenly. The best part about this glue is when you take off your rubber the glue comes off in seconds and will not ruin your Tenergy sponge.

Matt Deane

This water-based glue does the job

This water-based glue does the job. I have used about 4 different water-based glues and this one works as well as any of them.


This glue sucks

Sometimes this glue works very well. It can be very easy to take rubber off when using this glue. However, when applying it to sponge, sometimes it will completely ruin the rubber. It will clump up and not spread, and can take forever to remove.


hard to use

The adhesion is pretty good... but its not worth the hassle. Its hard to spread evenly, and once it starts to dry... forget it... it cant be worked/spread at all and you must start over; Any attempt to add more glue and it ruins the original layer. Im pretty experienced with various glues, but you just have to be too precise with this one.

- Dave, MI

great but expensive

mess-free with good adhesion. never had problem with build up, as a matter of fact its the ideal glue if youre gluing an expensive sheet, glue is formed like a film sheet and is removed without a trace, provided you apply an even amount all over the sponge of the rubber and blade.

lamest ever

alright, after I used the clue, I dont think it solves the build -up problem. cause i still have to spend 1 hour to peel the clue from the rubber, and it is not easy, no matter how carefully i peel, the sponge still gets some little holes. i dont think any normal person would use it for the reason of solving build-up.