Stiga Boost TC

$44.95 $31.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 84
Control: 75
Hardness: Medium-Soft

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Original price was in 2022


Stiga Boost TC (Tension Clic) has a soft sponge, creating a truly sensational touch and feel for the player. It gives a crisp clear sound on striking the ball. Sponge is less soft than Boost TS., but softer than Boost TX and TP)

Boost rubbers with the TTS Technology with "TransTension Sponge" and new materials generate maximum tension and sponge power. Boost rubbers are fast, bouncy, and with a tremendous catapult effect.

The Boost series includes 4 rubbers: Boost TS, Boost TC, Boost TP and Boost TX. Each Boost rubber has special characteristics to suit your game and your expectations for a rubber. All Boost rubbers have built-in speed glue effect and generate tremendous power and spin. The trajectory is phenomenal and the feeling is like playing with speed glue.

STIGA Boost -- The Power of Built In Speed Glue Effect!

Comparable to T-05

using it with Jun Mitzutani blade, comparable to T-05, good durability(over 3 months, 5dys/wks, 2hrs/day, still going good) very persistent, speed is good, spin is 8 out of 10. strongly recommend this rubber to intermediate(1200 to 1700) level Players.


Great Rubber

For players seeking a bit more control in a high performance rubber this is it. Very fast and spinney and best suited for mid distance looping style. Great on Clipper or Infinity VPS V. Not for beginners, Short game is good with nice touch. Pure hitters get 1.8 for quick attack. Loopers 2.0 or max. Reasonable durability if cared for properly.

- Butch, NE

Absolutely the best!!!

I own three sheets of this rubber for all three of my paddles. nough said. This rubber is absolutely incredible. The soft sponge absorbs incoming shots tremendously well. It offers great speed and spin, especially at looping and push-blocks. The clicky sound effects is also very impressive. I have tried a series of rubbers from Tibhar Grip-S to Sriver FX to Nittaku Narucross GS Soft. The Stiga Boost TC is doubtlessly the best backhand rubber Ive tried thus far. All the other ones aforementioned are on par with each other, but one huge step below the champion Boost TC. I am waiting to buy a few more sheets of this super awesome rubber very soon!

- liulin04, CA

best 1


Siddhesh Surpatne

Strong in the looping game

First I choose the TP version, because of the speed and spin ... now I learned, that TC is much better for me. More control and NEARLY the same spin. Works with hard or softer blades. Very fast on my Clipper CR WRB wood. Try to loop with it, and you will get more balls on the table! Good curves!