Stiga Mantra H

Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 97
Spin: 96
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard



Stiga Mantra was developed with the latest Japanese rubber technology and offers the perfect balance of synthetic and natural rubber. This rubber mixture creates a tension between the surface and the sponge resulting in an incredible catapult effect.

Microscopic air bubbles in the sponge (Oxygen Capsule System) provide great speed with a stable and consistent hit and touch. This rubber is perfect for players who require the highest in rubber quality and performance. Mantra is suitable for all types of players, with sponge variation ranging from soft to hard: Mantra S, Mantra M, and Mantra H.

Stiga Mantra H (hard sponge version):
* The hard sponge creates the classic feel with extreme attacking possibilities
* Very high speed and effectiveness from short distance
* Excellent blocking abilities in close to table action
* Heavy rotation topspin in flicks and offensive returns
Fantastic rubber

I've used this on blades with speed ratings of 88 to 96 (according to Paddle Palace's rating system, so basically offensive blades). I really like it - great speed, spin, consistency, and feeling. Personally, I like it better than Tenergy 05 or Andro R50 or R47. Truls Moregard used this for about 3 years to reach top 100 in the world in 2019. He recently switched to the new Stiga DNA Pro H, which I'm sure is a great rubber too. I love this one, but will also try the new one at some point.

perfect and good durable

I've tried these 2.1 Stiga Mantra H rubbers on my Tibhar VS Unlimited blade and Max thick Mantra H on Stiga Carbonado 245. These Mantra H gives the ball to be dwell time enough for flick, loop, topspin, control & speed. I was surprised to feel comfortable playing in mid-long from table with full stroke looping in my new style. My old style was known for being attacker near the table and trick spinning server. I found the Stiga Mantra H rubbers to be better than Tibhar Evolution EL-S in general but I felt spinning is about the same on both. Fyi, I've 4 pairs (six 2.1 and two max rubbers total) of these Stiga Mantra H rubbers.

- Cuong Nguyen, MN