Tibhar Aurus Soft

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 85
Spin: 91
Control: 76
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Tibhar Aurus Soft rubber is the softer version of Aurus, offering better control with a high ball rebounce. This energy-loaded rubber is ideal for spin-rich strokes and secured topspins, while enabling good control Aurus Soft is very well adapted to each game level for an optimal performance.

Tibhar Aurus is the rubber for the ambitious player striving to play topspin strokes in any situation. The new technology combined with the ultra soft rubber surface provides an outstanding spin and a great playing sensation, allowing a secured and aggressive game. The integrated SPI (Speedglue-Effect-Inside) technology confers an extreme catapult reaction to the ball. Although you will use very little strength, your balls will be loaded with a lot of spin and speed. The exclusive rubber surface confers stability and a long-life-expectancy. You will notice the energy of this rubber after only a few exchanges.
verry good control and better durability

This rubber has verry good conrol.Not too fast and its good for drive-spin and smashes.Surface is is not complete smooth, so its good for serves recieving.Only-its heavy.Durability is verry good,better than Sinus and Genius.Perfect for BH. My racket:BLADE Tibhar Stratus power FH:Nittaku Fastarc S1 BH:Tibhar Aurus soft

- Feliks, INT

Spin and Control

My blade is Michelle Maze and I use Aurus Soft for my FH which gives me lots of spin and great control.The effect of Aurus soft is very similar to Tenergy 05-FX and Hurricane Neo blue spongePV.I am very happy to find this rubber which has improved my game and the price is ok for me.

- Hooshang Ayoubloo, ON