Tibhar Defense Plus

Brand: Tibhar
Class: DEF+
Speed: 62
Control: 92
Blade Weight: 75
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.7
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood



The Tibhar specialists for defensive play have developed the Defense Plus, making life easier for defensive players. The special combination of wood layers delivers braking effects when employing defensive spin. Dream-like ball feeling is sustained with good acceleration that makes your surprise attack complete.
For modern defence and occasionaly twidling

BEST RATIO PRICE/QUALITY.With ox long pips Yasaka Phantom 012 and Xiom Vega Europe it make perfect modern defence racquet.Good feeling for choping und short blocking and enough power for finishing point hitting.Light and excellent strait handle.Head dimension 154x154 mm.

Great blade! Good investment.

PROS:Great blade. Nice and slow if youre a defensive player. And fast enough if you want to loop and slam. I use long pips on BH and tynergy 64 fx on FH. CONS: Small sweet spot. Too much vibration. Takes a little getting used to.

Tibhar Done it again

Perfect size Just a notch oversized. Very light Only 70 grams. Very comfortable handle Nice and round, not to small nor to big and I have long fingers. Slow, but plenty speed on loops and smashes used Tibhar Nimbus Sound 2.0mm on FH, and Tibhar Grass DT OX on BH

- Youtube .com/100niTenis, VT

Almost like my Matsushita Pro!

I Played with Butterfly Matsushita Pro Model before it was discontinued and heard great reviews about this blade, so i got it. FANTASTIC! IF youre looking for solid loops and great short and long chop defense then this blade is exactly what you want. It plays as good as my current blade and is more than half the price! You wont find a better blade at this price. Absolutely phenomenal,also i would recommend getting Straight handle


Awesome Paddle!

This paddle is awesome, I am a defensive player and this paddle is super slow! Super slow is good in the defensive world. Great feel, awesome control, very light. All my friends play better with this paddle, so they are not allowed to use it. I put an OX long pips on backhand and a chop tacky rubber on forehand. With that rubber combo its almost impossible not to keep the ball on the table, and the long pips with this paddle will drive any attacker crazy! Buy this paddle.

- Matthew, GA

very light weight

The paddle is light and ball feel is amazing it gives you so much controlle and it is great for defensive players.

yeah i bought the last one.

paired it with stiga carbo mc. this thing is very slow. chopping and pushing with it is awesome. slow and spinny loops are real easy to produce. i let a few friends try it out and they didnt want to give it back to me.

- S C, NY

Incredible ball feel and control

Not surprised this is sold out, for the money its too good to be true. I just purchased a $275 dollar paddle but I cant make the switch because this one is better! You will feel so quick responding to smashes that its really an extension of your arm. the paddle is light and ball feel is amazing.

- Mark, VT