Tibhar Genius

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 88
Control: 76
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Tibhar Genius is rich in spin for the offensive game! Genius is obviously focused on spin, and more spin in this case also signifies more speed. More spin also means that the angle of the ball rebound is more upright, conferring a bow-formed ball curve. This gives more precision to your strokes and therefore puts your adversary under pressure. The new geometry of the inverted pimples enables a dynamic and spin-rich game. Thanks to the new caoutchouc composition, the rubbers last longer.

GENIUS -- Simply Genius!
Tibahr Genius MAX on TB ALC

Very good rubber. Less bouncy than Tenergy 05 and a little bit slower, but better control and amazing spin. Tried different rubbers but always come back to Genius.

- Chris, ON

simply the best!

It has the most control at a high pace, this rubber is amazing in spin blocks serves, returns counter spin smash. If you are not convinced do not think twice of trying it on your backhand. Simply the best.

it is a ok rubber

a little slower and less spin than tenergy,but better control,better touch,better price.


Not agree with this person - great rubber-durability? Not so much

Should be rated 5 stars! Durability of the rubber is great. It should last for a long time. Mine lasted at least 8 months x 8 hours a week. Genius isnt designed to move around the rubber to other blades. No matter what rubber you are removing after glued. You always careful if you do that. The bottom line is that Genius is very durable.

I play Genius MAX and Genius 2.0 on MJ 90gr

I moved away from Butterfly rubbers because I did not want to pay US$70+ for a rubber. The Tenergy 05 was too professional a rubber for me anyway. I liked it at $40 a sheet; not anymore. Today the Tibhar Genius brings me a little less spin and a little less speed but thats better for my game -usatt 1800+- because I get a lot more control. At $35 a pop there is nothing better for the All Round player who wants to loop aggressively from both wings. The only drawback was the weight: 70 gr uncut for the max and 68 gr uncut !!! for the 2.0. A bit on the heavy side. If you can weight and measure the uncut rubber before buying them go for it and get the lighter ones.

- Yaz, WA

Amazing Rubber

I just bouht the Genius for my Stiga Offensive NCT Blade and it works great. I have amazing control and the spin is fantastic. Definitely a great blade for a great price.

Great and value rubber

This is a better rubber than Ten05. Good loop and counter loop, blocks great, push well, tension feeling during power loop, light weight unlike Ten05. $35 is the best deal in table tennis. Inexpensive rubber gives an opportunity to the youngster that cant afford to purchase. Promoting this sport to young generation is a must. Very durable rubber. Last a long time, 6

- Francis, WA

Highly recommended attacking rubber-tenergy competitor.

When compared to Tenergy 05, it is less jumpy in the spin game although when hitting you can tell it actually has more raw speed than the tenergy. On out of position shots, tenergy is perhaps a little more explosive but Genius has much better control and with only a slight adjustment in the way you power stroke, you can deliver tremendous loops and especially counterloops which are definitely easier to do than with tenergy. This is also a rubber that plays faster after a week+ of use because when new it is on the sticky side and it feels a little slower --this is similar to the effect one often gets with traditional chinese rubber. My main reason for using tenergy in the post speed glue era is that it is very good for first loop power. Follow up loops are often just as good with many other rubbers but tenergy is very good for that first power shot. Genius turns out to be just as good and sometimes even better for an opening loop attack, so in short, this rubber is an excellent choice, especially at the moment when priced at $35 --which I think is a total steal when you compare it to the outrageous price butterfly sells tenergy for. You dont have to be a genius to figure this one out..........

great rubber-durability? Not so much...

Genius plays very much like butterflys tenergy series. It has around the same or more spin with its highly grippy topsheet, little less speed, and more control. It gives you better ability in the short game, where tenergy tends to be more difficult. The sponge is also highly porous and soft, for wonderful feel in any situation. Unfortunately, Genius is extremely fragile. After a couple weeks the topsheet started to fray around the edges. Dont even try to test the same sheet on multiple blades; the sponge will almost certainly tear on you. Other than that, an awesome rubber from Tibhar.

Well Done, Tibhar!!

THIS RUBBER IS THE TRUTH!! Serve, push, block, loop, drive, counter, it does just about everything well and has lots of gears. Tibhar has truly outdone itself with Genius: fast, superb spin, outstanding control that allows you to perform every shot in the book. Definitely worth the money.

Very good rubber, better price then Tenergy

Genius feels and plays like Tenergy05, well very close. Genius feels a bit more spinny, but the speed is a bit slower than Tenergy. Its probably because of Genius softer sponge. Control is definitely better though. Plus price is almost $10 less which makes Genius very good deal.

Amazing spin...

This rubber is truly a masterpiece! Even from my side spin serve, most find it difficult to return. It has great control too. No matter how my opponents spin the ball to me, I will always be able to return the ball in the exact manner I want, whether its with a loop or a chop. Tibhar has outdone itself.

- Stephen Mains, NJ

I recommend Genius

I just got this and put it on my Samsonov Alpha blade. Surprisingly effective. It is really great for all my spin shots, looping off both wings. Grabs and arcs the ball. Plus the touch is great for blocking and dropping the ball low to the net.