Tibhar Microfiber Sponge

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Cleaning Sponges

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The Tibhar Microfiber Sponge is a dual sponge made from microfiber and leather for optimal rubber cleaning.

The blue microfiber side is a terrycloth type surface and it is used to apply the rubber cleaner.

The yellow chamois leather side absorbs cleaner surplus and leaves the rubber totally dry and clean.

Measures 13cm x 8cm and 4.5cm thick.
Good Sponge

I was a little scared to buy this one after reading others have had some problems with it. I went ahead and got it anyway, and it has been just fine for me. I have had no problems at all with it.

Leaves fibers/leather everywhere

This is a very inferior product for cleaning your paddle. It leaves a piece of itself on every swipe on either side of this combo cleaner. Do yourself a favor and get a Nittaku Clean Sponge. Paddle Palace included one with my order (for free). I guess since they felt so bad about me ordering this product. I had to use the Nittaku to clean off the residue this one left.