Tibhar Rapid

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 80
Spin: 80
Control: 78
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Tibhar Rapid is perfectly suited for the aggressive game. The soft sponge and the extremely elastic rubber layer provides speed and spin and at the same time gives you a lot of ball feeling due to an optimum of ball control.
Vladimir Samsonov Weapon

Vladi uses this rubber him self so that is all you need to know.It has everything. By Ronnie A.k.A WALDNER.

Above average, but low throw

Tried this as an upgrade from Mark 5. Sponge is springy and dissipates energy very slowly, giving adequate speed. What disappointed however was the low throw angle, loops were difficult specially against pushes. Most of the spin is from the sponge, the topsheet has no tackiness whatsoever. A blade with long dwell times would probably match well with this rubber to let the ball sink in. Conversely, it is easy to counter drive incoming loops. Speed/spin rating is accurate as advertised here; if only throw angle was a bit higher this would be a nice upgrade.

Good, but not Great

This rubber has an excellent topsheet, very grippy, with lots of control for short touch shots. Where it fell short for me was with the sponge -- I was not able to loop the ball as easily as I would have liked, the sponge doesn't allow the increased moment of contact that allows control in looping. I also have difficulty blocking fast loop-drives, the ball seems to pop up more than I would like. The sponge makes this rubber very fast, and may allow more control with very hard (fast) shots, but doesn't allow me to easily loop serves as I'd like. Perhaps Rapid Soft or the DTecS versions are more appropriate.. I'm having much better luck with Nittaku Refoma currently.