Tibhar Samsonov Alpha

Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF-
Speed: 86
Control: 69
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.9
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Combo Price: $128.95
Material: All Wood



The Tibhar Samsonov Alpha is The Champion's Weapon. Vladimir Samsonov plays with this offensive blade developed himself using his gifted intuition. The combination of precious wood outer plies with its extra strong middle layer guarantees a better ball resilience with more control. Ideal for controlled, spin oriented attacking game with a lot of pressure.

Very nice grip, I have been using it since last 1 year still going strong, very light weight

- dhaval joshi, CA

I bought a second Samsonov Alpha

Now I have two and interchange rubbers. The straight handles are a little small but I like straight handles for twiddling. The small diameter handles twiddle easily. The good part is that the handles are long. The blade is smaller than most but that reduces the weight of not only the blade but the rubber that is attached. I can play with T05 on my Samsonov Alpha, OFF-, but I have difficulties when playing with T05 on my faster OFF paddles.

- Peter Nachtwey, WA

Very Nice Control

I chose this blade as an alternative to my rapid carbon which was a little to wild. Much better feeling with the thinner blade thickness, excellent results when combined with softer rubber, nice loops, my consistency shot way up when i switched to this blade.

- Matt Daugherty, CA

An excellent choice for club level play.

I have not been disappointed. This blade provides , low cost , excellent control, a low weight and a relatively big sweet spot. For club play this paddle provide a great bang for the buck.

- Peter Nachtwey, WA

Best paddle for those indecisive few, and then some...

I began playing at age 7 with a Butterfly Kenny with Soft D-13 rubber, completely abandoning the sport at 17 and returning back to the game 25 years later when the game and technology had completely changed. I started with an offensive paddle to realize after a few months that I needed something less aggressive. Serendipitously, another player who came back to the sport after a 25 years hiatus bought a Tibhar Samsonov Alpha blade with Vari Spin D-Tecs rubber, but didnt quite like it -too light for him- He wanted to try mine, so we exchanged paddles and it was love at first sight for me. The sweet spot is huge, the paddle is well balanced and gives the ball plenty of spin and enough speed to zoom by just about anyone. I needed more control and this paddle gave me tons of it -quite useful when changing rhythm, such as going from offense to drop shots- Many others in our club have ordered this paddle since. Ill go on a limb to say that it would fit just about anyones game, except for the all out offensive, or the all out defensive players.

light weight, good control, perfect blade for looping

I changed from a buttefly carbon blade and Avalox 777 to this blade. This blade has something that those Off+ blade dont have. its the feeling of control. I can do better ball placement within the table with this Blade. If you want control, this is the blade for you. Recommend medium sponge with it.

Great Blade

This is a great offensive blade, the weight is just right for me, and the flared handle fits my (large) hand quite well. I use this blade with Yasaka Mark V GPS rubber. All topspin shots are quite easy and it has a decent chop in a pinch. The handle *makes* this blade what it is!

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