Tibhar Self Adhesive Glue Sheet

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Glue

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This Tibhar Glue Sheet adheres the rubber sheet to the blade without the mess or fumes of liquid glue. Peel the yellow paper off one side of the glue sheet and stick the glue sheet to the blade. Then peel the white paper off the other side, stick rubber sheet to blade and trim the rubber.

Glue sheet measures 18 cm square. One glue sheet per order.

Glue sheets are not recommended for rubber with sponge. Glue sheets are best used for rubbers that have no sponge. For example, some of the long pips rubbers with no sponge are most easily adhered with glue sheets. For rubbers with sponge, Paddle Palace recommends liquid glue for best results.
Glue sheets vs glue

Why do you not recommend glue sheets for rubber with sponge. I use them all the time and like the results and convenience


Recommended for gluing no-sponge Long Pips rubbers

Great for using with No-Sponge Long Pips rubbers. This is what Paddle Palace uses for this type of rubber. Long pips rubbers without sponge (OX) are thin and curl up and are more difficult to glue. Glue sheets make it much easier.

- Judy Hoarfrost, OR